While recently working on concepting a traditional resume design, I had this idea to theme it on my last name. After some brainstorming and thumbnails, the gas can stuck. This concept offered a way to help delineate palette and content, and reinforce memorability of my name, skills and the design. Originally, the concept was going to be flat, but I quickly realized how much cooler it would be to add dimension. I started in Illustrator and created a 3-D illustration, but the limited functionality led me to move to Photoshop 3D modeling to make it right. In the process, I realized it was possible (after a lot of research and persistence) to export the model to a 3D PDF so viewers could actually interact with the design by rotating it to view all 4 sides of content! A colleague also shared a site called SketchFab which offers a YouTube-esque platform to post and share the model (see above).
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