This was an ID redesign (logo, stationary, website) for a longtime client, a high-tech marketing and consulting agency. The name Consynia was a fictional fusion of the words "Consinnity" and "Synergy". For those like me less familiar with the term,  "Consinnity" means "the skillful and harmonious arrangement or fitting together of the different parts of something". In addition to the hope to convey the merging of terms visually, the client intended to preserve some of the foundational elements, including the shapes and colors. 

Original logo (from letterhead)

Page of rough thumbnails and scribbly designer notes, including the concept that ultimately stuck.

3 concepts were fleshed out, all based on an additive light idea. When basic shapes overlapped, the joining created a greater light and more dynamic shape (the "C"). Ultimately, the idea worked better being reversed (1B), so that version stuck when we built out the stationary and website.

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